About Stewardship


One of the biggest struggles a Christian has is developing a healthy relationship with the things of the world.  Material things are not bad things until they take the place of God.  Even good things can over take our relationship with Jesus Christ and then become contrary to God's intent.

At Crestwood we believe Stewardship is the faithful management of the material things in our lives so that they bring glory to God.  The Bible is filled with references to money, giving and our possessions.  There are more than 2,350 such references in the Bible.

Giving financially to Crestwood, for the work of God locally and globally, is both a responsibility and a privilege of a disciple of Jesus Christ.  At Crestwood our understanding of Christian Stewardship is the call to joyously give to God 10% of our income.  This is not a law or rule forcing us to give so as to support the church, but a free and joyous giving whereby we give back to our Lord in response to his grace and salvation.  This, we believe, is what the Bible teaches us to do.

In order to know some of the practical aspects of giving at Crestwood consider this Q and A.

1.     Q.  How can I learn more about giving from the perspective of being a disciple?
        A.  The Stewardship Ministry of Crestwood strongly recommends that all take part in a ministry
             called CROWN MINISTRY.  Crown Ministry teaches a biblical understanding of money and
             material resources.  Crestwood offers Crown classes on a regular basis - look for announcements
             in the bulletin and online for upcoming classes.

2.     Q.  What are the different ways I can give to Crestwood Church?
        A.  There are several ways you can give to Crestwood:

               1. In Person: Bring your offering to worship and place in the offering plate
               2. By Mail: Send by mail to either campus address (East or West).
               3. Your bank: You may send a check from your bank's "bill pay" services to Crestwood.
               4. Online: You may set up an automatic draft on your bank account or credit card
                   to come to Crestwood.  Click for more details about secure online giving

3.     Q.   How can I get offering envelopes so that I can give regularly to Crestwood Church?
        A.   Please contact Daniel Smith at 804.897.3458 and he will be happy to get you envelopes.
4.     Q.   How can I get a copy of my giving statement?
        A.   Giving statements are available to anyone who gives to Crestwood in a method where one's
              name can be tracked.  For example, in an offering envelope or by check.  Cash put in
              the offering plate, while welcome, cannot be tracked for donor credit.  In addition,
              Crestwood members can access their giving history online via AccessACS.

5.     Q.  When will the check I give be cashed by the church?
        A.  The offering from Sunday is deposited at the bank on Monday mornings.  A Sunday check
             contribution should clear your account on Tuesday or Wednesday.

6.     Q.  What about end of the year giving?  When does my gift count for a certain
              calendar year?

        A.   By IRS rule, a contribution must be in the hands of the church by midnight, December 31
              of a given year for it to credit to that year for income tax purposes.  We discourage
              last minute giving but realize some people for a variety of reasons must give at the
              end of the year.  Therefore, any gifts must be in our hands by the end of day on
              December 31st.  Gifts received after that time are gratefully received but will credit
              to the new year and not the past.

7.     Q.  Who do I contact if I have questions about my giving?
        A.  Please contact Daniel Smith at 804.897.3458 regarding questions about your
             statement or other questions about giving.  She will direct you to the correct
             person if she does not have the answer.

8.     Q.  What about planned giving through a will or an estate?
        A.  Crestwood is delighted to receive planned gifts.  Contact the Church Office
             for a brochure on the various ways you can give.  We encourage you to also
             contact your attorney or financial advisor regarding what is legal and most
             advantageous to you and to the church.