Marriage & Relationship Coaching Center


Help for all relationships: 

  • Pre-marital
  • Enrichment from Good to Great
  • Hope and Restoration

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Choose one of three locations:

Crestwood (Thursday afternoon/evenings - Room 109), 
or choose St Giles (Near West End) or Second Baptist (Far West End) other times.

Crestwood  is partnering with long time ministry friends Dianne &  Bob Ruthazer, CFLE hosting the Marriage and Relationship Coaching Center @ Crestwood.  Meet with just Bob or with Dianne & Bob together to benefit from their unique team approach.  They provide exceptional coaching and education for couples at any stage and you can meet with them at Crestwood or one of the other sites.   Not Counseling:  Coaching is future focused and teaches proven skills and changed behaviors to achieve your relationship goals.  

WE will be the LAST to “give up” on YOUR marriage

Recommend this ministry to your friends whether churched or unchurched, they will be blessed.

Business cards available in church office. *Ask for the Discount for Crestwood members.

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