Connect to The CITY

Crestwood is pleased to introduce the City as a central hub for all church announcements and activities.  At a minimum, stay informed of church events and opportunities via email, computer or mobile device.  Engage deeper by joining groups that use the City for planning, discussion, resource sharing, encouragement and prayer needs.  To learn more about the function and benefits of the City, click here.

Beginning in June of 2015, all church and ministry announcements will be sent via the City (instead of the weekly emailed Connects newsletter). Create a new account on The City and stay informed!  Follow each step carefully and completely. Soon you will be able to see all the information that is currently posted and participate as you feel led in church activities and groups. 

Once you have registered with the City, there are just a few steps complete your profile (click here for complete directions):

  • Add a photo.  This can be your photo from the church directory or your favorite shot snapped from your phone. Help our church family put a face to a name!
  • Link your spouse and children under 18 to your profile.  Children 18 and older are considered their own household in our church management software (ACS), which links to the City.
  • Identify your skills.  Clicking areas where you have experience or interest only takes a minute, but helps you plug into ministries and opportunities that best match your preferences.
  • Define your email and notification settings.  This is important, as it determines how often you receive email from the City.  

If you have questions or concerns about accessing Crestwood on the City, first see if your question has been answered in the Frequently Asked Questions page.  If your question has not been answered, please share your question in the form below and we will contact you with an answer.  We hope you will see the value of being part of Crestwood’s CITY and we look forward to sharing in our mission of “Loving and leading people to the life-changing Jesus”.  

Create a new account on The City or Sign in with an existing account

Please share your question about the City in the form below:

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