About the City


Crestwood has officially adopted a communication tool called THE CITY. This online environment will help us develop and maintain a high level of engagement, grow in God’s Word, better reach the needs of our church and community and keep you informed about what’s going on at Crestwood.

THE CITY uses individual email accounts to establish contact and invite you into THE CITY “online environment”. Once you become part of THE CITY, you will be able to engage with individuals and groups, find places to serve, share stories and pictures, address prayer needs and engage in other forms of communication with the congregation. This will become an important way in which we all participate in the Crestwood community, while reducing the current redundancies in the way people find out what is happening at Crestwood.

You may be asking “why do I need to be part of THE CITY”? The short answer is this will be the primary way in which we will communicate with the congregation, ministries and groups. If you are not part of THE CITY, you risk not being as fully engaged in life at Crestwood as you may want. THE CITY will be the communication source for all activity and information that occurs at Crestwood. 

You will be able to update and maintain your profile to keep members current with your contact information and this will also automatically keep the office updated with that same information. You can note your skills which will assist ministries and groups in locating you and helping you utilize those gifts to build God’s kingdom. On the flip side, you can locate ministries and groups where you have an interest or where you believe your gifts can best be used.In addition, you can create conversation, make friends, update your status, offer goods and services, share a story, ask for prayer and many other opportunities to experience and share God’s love. 

THE CITY will help us accomplish our mission of “loving and leading people to the life-changing Jesus”. In the weeks ahead we will be introducing THE CITY and its many benefits. We will provide ongoing orientation and training to help you and your family make use of this exciting new tool.