The City FAQ

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This is too much email!  How do I configure the City to send me fewer emails?

The City allows each member to decide how often they receive email from a group.  Church-wide announcements are posted in or shared to the Crestwood Church group.  In your Account settings, you can set the following email options for each group:

  • Everything:  Every post, event and response is sent to you as an email. 
  • New Items only:  Every post and event is sent as an email, but responses are not sent unless you have selected to follow the responses on that post.
  • Daily Digest:  Every post, event and response is compiled through the day and sent as an email for the group around 4:00pm.  One email will be sent for each group with activity that day.
  • Nothing:  No email is sent, but all information is available online.
Before our move to the City, we sent the "highlights reel" of Crestwood activity on a weekly basis (CPC Connects).  We have transitioned to a more fluid environment that allows ministry leaders to enter their communications themselves throughout the week.  This benefits Crestwood because you know the author can answer your questions, and you can look in one place for all announcements.  That said, we are considering a weekly format to which you could subscribe if you find the daily emails too frequent.  Please contact Catherine Earnest if you would like to test this group over the summer.

My spouse and I are both City members and we get double of everything!

If both you and your spouse are connected to the City, and you receive your email at the same computer (pulling in both of your email accounts) this would explain your duplicate emails, even when the "Daily Digest" option is selected.  The best choice for church-wide announcements in this case is for one partner to set their Crestwood Church group settings to "Nothing".  This allows full access to the information when logged in (on the computer or on the phone) but does not send emails to both City members.  

How do I access the City on my phone?

Smart phones (both Android and Apple) can access the City via a free app that is accessible both in AppStore for Apple products and Google Play.  Search on "The City" and you should see the City logo.

My work blocks the City, so I cannot access it there.

If you work for an organization that blocks social media from its network, it is likely that you will experience problems accessing the City.  The best solution will be to download the City app to your mobile device, if you need to have access to the City during the day.  These apps are free and neatly organize information posted on the site.  An alternate solution might be to check your Daily Digest via email in the afternoon as a head-up for information to read when you get home.

Old posts do not disappear from my group lists.

While occasionally we may delete announcements after the fact (ex. the road is temporarily blocked at West or the phones are down at East) you will find that most posts will remain in the group even after the date. Here are a couple of reasons this approach works, even though it is different from our previous communications.

  • New posts appear first.  Your ‘newsfeed’, the combined view that you see when you log in, is organized by the last update date. This means that the most recent event/post/response will appear at the top of the list. This is good for us because we want to look at what is happening now, though it can be a little confusing when older posts pop back to the top because someone has replied to them (even when the comments are helpful). If you are looking at what is most recent starting at the top of the list, the older items fall lower and lower and eventually are not even loaded on the newsfeed page (unless you click “Show More” at the bottom.) 
  • Archive of information.  One area where we have we have already seen the benefit of the City is to look back at work where we collaborated together. As an example, the Youth Director Search Committee has shared and discussed resumes, posted document links, coordinated our meetings/interviews (via events) and reflected on articles posted by committee members about youth ministry goals. We refer numerous times to past posts, reviewing items that we discussed. In a similar way, we envision a benefit at turnover time of ministries to new leaders, because they can see the history of planning that took place the prior year. This is helpful to internal church work. External to the church, our developing archive tells our community a story about our church through the Plaza.  Posts and events can give seekers a sense for what we do at Crestwood and what we think is important to share.