Dessert Gatherings to Meet Matt Merrill

Meeting new people and remembering their names and information for next time is a great hurdle for most of us. In an effort to breeze over that hurdle and provide opportunity for you and new pastor, Matt Merrill, to visit together in an informal and more personal setting, members of the Session are hosting gatherings in their homes on Thursday nights and Sunday afternoons in October and November.

These will be opportunities for casual interaction and will prove a great service to Matt as he tries to put names and faces and stories together. Brief interactions after worship often become a blur, so please choose a time and location that works well for you, and sign up to welcome Matt and be welcomed by him and also enjoy a warm time of fellowship with other Crestwood folks.

SIGN UP to reserve your desired time and location!

If you are a non-computer user, you may call the East Campus office to sign up at 320.2269.  Thank you in advance for your part in helping Matt begin to get acquainted with the wonderful Crestwood family!