Sunday Mornings

ENTS @ our East & West Campuses

Sunday school is the main teaching time for Crestwood Youth and is foundational for Christian education.  This year both campuses will offer The Gospel Project

Sunday Morning @ our 
Richmond/Jahnke Rd Campus

  • High School Sunday Morning Class: Facilitated by Ellen Cross  and Joni Wade
            Location and Time: Library @ 9:15am 
  • Middle School Sunday Morning Class:  Facilitated by Church Leaders
            Location and Time:  Room 6 @ 9:15am 


Sunday Morning @ Our West Campus on Charter Colony Parkway

  • 5th and 6th grade students (Crestwood 56):
    • Location and Time:  Room 106 @ 9:45am


  • Combined Middle and High School Sunday Morning Class
               Location and Time:  Family Life Center room 110 @ 9:45am