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Crestwood staff and members have been involved for many years taking God’s Word and His love to other parts of our world. This includes not only adults, but also college-age students and youth. Is it having an impact on others’ lives – you bet, but it is also having an impact on our lives as we not only see how God works in the lives of others that are culturally not like us but also in our own lives as we see Him change us to be more like Him. some 20 years, we have been supporting, both through finances and mission teams, the work of Haiti Fund, Inc. in the CODEP Development Project in the mountains of Haiti. Most recently, HFI has teamed with Building Goodness of Charlottesville, VA to construct 39 small permanent homes for those in the mountains of the CODEP project who saw their homes destroyed in the devastating 2010 earthquake. And the work continues in the reclaiming of the land as over 10 million trees have been planted by the workers of CODEP, providing not only a better place to live ecologically but an income to provide the necessities of life and a hope for the future. sister church in Russia, Church of Grace
, recently celebrated its 20th anniversary and we have been walking with them for the last 14 of those years. Not only have they been reaching out to the immediate area around them by birthing some 20+ churches but in the last year has sent its first foreign mission team to Nepal and India. No longer concerned only for themselves, they have matured as a church to a place where they now want and are able to help advance the Gospel in areas of the world more needy than their own. This is all being carried out even with the constant distraction of the local fire marshal who has sought out violations and assigned fines and constraints on the church including possible closure. But, God’s work is not being thwarted.

In India where we have supported the work of David Singh for a number of years, the Gospel of Christ continues to reach the people despite the harsh persecution targeted at believers. “Anti-conversion” laws are in place targeting those accused of converting Indians “by force.” Many Christians are being falsely accused and arrested and Christian churches are being attacked, burned, and pastors beaten. Mr. Singh’s ministry targets some of the poorest and most distant areas to share the Gospel through easing poverty and increasing education in literacy. Mission Builders invites you to pray for the needs of ministering to India which include freedom to proclaim the Gospel, freedom from persecution for believers, and for protection, good health, and the provision from God for the needs of evangelists, pastors, and local leaders. of our “newer” mission fields has been Africa where we have been providing support to the Namumu Orphanage for the last 5 – 6 years. We have seen this ministry grow from one totally dependent on gifts from churches and organizations to one trying to be self-sustaining. This has been greatly aided by the likes of our own Sam Cross who has spent over a year working in Africa to help them establish and manage their skills and resources of land, water and other natural resources (fish) to provide the income they need to meet the necessities for some 80+ orphans. They are currently exploring the idea of pumping water from Lake Caribe onto the Namumu property to help irrigate the crops they have started growing to provide a more balanced meal for the children and income for the orphanage.

As a nation, we have been richly blessed with many skills, abilities, resources and of course the freedom to worship. At Crestwood, we have been graciously blessed with leadership that has a heart for not only the Word of God but also for putting it into action by supporting other nations/cultures that do not have their freedom and resources. Have you been personally involved in fulfilling the great commission of going into all the world proclaiming His Word? If you would like to know more about how you can be, please contact a staff member and they can get you connected to the Mission Builders ministry.

Mission Countries

  • China -
  • Haiti -
  • India -
  • Kazakhstan -
  • Latvia -
  • Pakistan -
  • Russia -
  • Uganda -
  • Zambia -
  • Somalia -
China -


Lay leaders continue to be the backbone of the Church in China. Since 2002, the Outreach Foundation has been providing “mini-libraries” of Christian reference material to lay leaders.Based on Colossians 2:7, which encourages Christians to be “rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness”, the 2:7 Series was created by The Navigators.Gifts through the Outreach Foundation will fund the first edition to be published in Mandarin and provide training in its use.

Crestwood supports missions in China through financial support and through sponsorship of craft sales which highlight rural artisans.
Haiti -


Haiti has been a deep and long term commitment for Crestwood. Hundreds of thousands of dollars and great personal investment have gone forth in this small country seeking to be faithful to the call of Jesus Christ to go into all the world. It has been a joy and we have seen the fruit of our labors.
India -


Crestwood supports Inspire International, which focuses on church planting to un-reached people groups. They work with mission agencies and local churches to begin houses of prayer or churches. There is a 7 year commitment of specialized training to equip the church planters to work with village communities.
Link to Inspire International website
Kazakhstan -


Kazakhstan is the largest in area and second largest in population of the countries formed from the former USSR. The area is very diverse, but most people identify with Islam, while a minority are deeply rooted in Russian Orthodox Church.

Kazakhstan’s culture values faith and obedience, and there is great respect for the fine arts. Reverend Taikjoo and Youngkyo Kim, use this love for fine arts to reach out in the name of Jesus to people of this region. The Kazakh Cultural Center, located in Almaty, Kazakhstan, was established with a major emphasis on evangelism through the use of Christian music, drama and art.

Kim works with two vocal groups, an instrumental group, a religious dance group and a drama team. Taikjoo also leads weekend Bible study classes and teaches students in a seminary-training program.

The government approved legal status for the Center in 1994. Approximately 150 people meet for Sunday worship at the center. The choir performs locally in churches and with an orchestra. The Kim’s are also helping to form new congregations and train church choirs. Funds donated by Crestwood help support the music program, drama costumes, playbills and sheet music.
Latvia -


One of the many small Baltic nations, Latvia received independence from Soviet oppression in 1991 and has experienced a great hunger for freedom – spiritual, as well as economic. Latvia sits east along the shore of the Baltic Sea surrounded from the north to the south by Estonia, Russia, Belarus, and Lithuania.

Crestwood Church cares about those who are seeking to know God. We have joined the support team of Betty and Dennis Sink to enable many who walked in darkness to learn of the truth and turn to Jesus Christ.

Having met in ministry in the mid-1990’s while in Riga, the country’s capital, the Sinks married in 1998 and now have three children, Rachel, Joshua and Jeremiah. On staff with Campus Crusade for Christ, International, they partner with local churches to reach neighborhoods through evangelistic distribution strategies, marriage conferences and media campaigns. Most of their ministry focuses on reaching current and potential influencers where they work or study. Each ministry tries to mobilize Christians to reach their spheres of influence, evangelize seekers, and to sow a Christian worldview through projects and programs that interest non-Christians. You can get the latest information on Dennis and Betty by checking their web site at WWW.5SINKS.COM.

Crestwood’s financial support helps to fund the living and ministry needs of the Sinks.
Pakistan -


The Society for Community Development, a Presbyterian organization in Pakistan, manages 34 schools with more than 2000 students (both Christian & Muslim) and 54 teachers. The Church in Pakistan wants to open additional schools each year. Many Muslim parents send their children to these schools even though they know the Bible is the core of the curriculum. This is a way to witness to a predominantly Muslim Society.

Crestwood's contribution to this ministry is sufficient to fund a village school for an entire year.
Russia -


Kirovo-Chepetsk is a city of 300,000 people, locate 800 kilometers northeast of Moscow in a cold, rural area near Kirov. It takes 13 hours by train to travel there.

The Church of Grace is a Baptist church. Since its founding shortly after the fall of communism, it has grown to over 400 members and have become the "mother church" in the region, spawning over 20 daughter churches.

Crestwood has been blessed by our continued relationship with the Church of Grace, and make annual trips to serve with them. More details and photos are coming soon.
Uganda -


Crestwood's involvement with Uganda began in 2003 when our own Eggleston family were called as full time missionaries with Rafiki Foundation. They served at an orphanage and girls' school near Wakisotown which is located 20 miles outside the capital of Kampala. After their return to Richmond, Crestwood began its support of Wakiso Central Baptist Church (visit their new website) lead by Pastor Fred Kaddu Kibuuka. This congregation has a heart for outreach to children and youth. Pastor Fred's wife, Susan, leads the children's ministry while Associate Pastor Fredrick Kirabo works with the youth.

Our first venture with Central Baptist was to assist with funding to purchase additional property adjacent to the building site for their new sanctuary. On the new land, the church was able to build Restoration House, an modest apartment building that provides housing for orphaned teenaged girls. This provides safe and secure home for these girls who otherwise might be at risk in abusive living situations.

For the past two years, Crestwood has also assisted in sponsoring a Youth Conference for four hundred youth from the area. These youth, from their early teens to mid-twenties, have the opportunity to be discipled and taught with a variety of speakers and ministers throughout this week long event. Many youth are also brought to faith during the week as well.
Zambia -


Zambia is a peaceful, southern African nation being ravage by AIDS. This horrific pandemic is stealing the country's future. An entire generation has been lost, and it is estimated that there are currently 10,000,000 orphans due to the disease in the continent of Africa.

Click the link above for more on our missions to Zambia
Zambia Mission Page
Somalia -


In the Fall of 2008, Crestwood adopted the Maaye Speakers of Somalia. We are currently learning about this people and country, and praying for God's to grant these people a longing for salvation.
More on Somalia and the Maaye