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Worship is the primary purpose of any Christian Church and forms the core of our congregation's life together. It motivates us to accomplish God's purposes and to minister to His people. It forms the opportunity we have to respond to the marvelous grace God has given us in Jesus Christ. Worship is filled with energy and meaning at Crestwood, and our music ministry makes a vital contribution.

Crestwood Church offers worship in two styles and at three services, each Christ-centered, biblically-based and striving to be worthy of God. Our Sunday options include the following:

8:30 a.m. - Traditional worship at Crestwood West (Charter Colony Parkway Campus)

This service is designed to fit the desires of the person who is steeped in traditional worship. Hymns, and a traditional order of worship form a great portion of the service. To be inviting to the person who desires an earlier hour while at the same time desiring a more contemporary worship style, some praise and contemporary music is included in the service. The worship service each week is designed to pull from the richest of many traditions of worship while always assuring that it is presented with a Reformed emphasis. Central in the worship is Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and preaching from the Word of God.

11:00  a.m. - Contemporary worship at Crestwood West (Charter Colony Parkway Campus)

These services are designed for those who desire an alternative to traditional worship while holding to the essentials and key elements of worship in the Reformed Tradition. Newcomers often find this warm, less formal style to be a comfortable way to enter into the life of the church, as do others who sense a need to restore in their lives the place church participation once held.

Emphasis is given to contemporary church music in the form of scripture and praise songs, though the great hymns of the Church are not neglected. A Praise Team, accompanied by musicians, leads the congregation in singing these songs which appear on an overhead screen via a computer-driven video projector. Congregational participation is more evident here than in traditional worship.

10:30 a.m. - Worship at Crestwood East (Jahnke Road Campus)

At this service we seek to draw from a variety of music resources and worship practices to facilitate our worship.  Some of these would be labelled contemporary, some traditional.  Some of these are new, some are ancient.  We aim for a grand celebration of a great God every week, employing approaches which reflect the breadth of both God and His people.

Being Presbyterian, it is our desire that each service be faithful to the Reformed tradition which has shaped us as a Christian people. Thus, both our contemporary and traditional services are centered around the preaching of the Word of God and the celebration of the sacraments of Baptism and the Lord's Supper.

We live in an era when people seek options, and Crestwood Church is pleased to respond with worship opportunities providing a choice of style, hour and location. This is just one of the advantages of being a multi-site congregation!

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