Missions to Russia

http://www.crestwoodchurch.org/uploads/Russia_PastorAlexander.jpgKirovo-Chepetsk is a city of 300,000 people, located 800 kilometers northeast of Moscow in a cold, rural area near Kirov. It takes 13 hours by train to travel there.  

The Church of Grace is a Baptist church. Since its founding shortly after the fall of communism, it has grown to over 400 members and have become the "mother church" in the region, spawning over 20 daughter churches.

Crestwood has been blessed by our continued relationship with the Church of Grace, and members make annual trips to serve with them.  Click the announcements below to see photos and updates from the Church of Grace.

News from the Church of Grace in Russia


By Day

In July 2017, we received a wonderfully created video from the Church of Grace showing the activity and expressing their gratitude of Crestwood’s support. The video was shown in all three services but many of you were gone vacationing. It would be a shame if you missed seeing it or have the pleasure of viewing it again.
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Here are some wonderful new photos from THE CHURCH OF GRACE our Sister Church in Russia. Many of these were taken during Easter. Clearly the Resurrection has impacted their lives. Just see their faces. Pastor Alexander sends his greetings to all the people of Crestwood and wishes all a wonderful Easter season. Praise the Lord for such a grand relationship and people. ENJOY!
Letter sent 1/22/2012 from Pastor Alexander Timofeeva on behalf of the Church of Grace, with photo gallery
Email report pertaining to ministry of the church during the January to orphans, evangelism trip, and recent baptism in the church.
Email report pertaining to Christmas celebration in December in the church
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