Right Now Media

A Free Gift For You


Crestwood has purchased a churchwide subscription with RightNow Media to the best biblical content available on video, and we’re giving it to every member.  Consider it a Netflix for building you in Christ.  Videos of conference speakers, Bible teachers, all sorts of children’s animation all with the goal of growing you in faith.  Sign up through this link:  www.rightnow.org/Account/Invite/Crestwood.  Then access videos whenever and wherever you’d like on your laptop, tablet or phone.  That’s all there is to it.  

We give you this gift in hopes that whether you’re on the road this summer, or looking for a fresh voice to speak life to you, or want to entertain your kids with something wholesome, that through RightNow Media your walk with Christ grows stronger.  Sign up today and enjoy our gift to you!  (And feel free to share the login invitation with friends outside Crestwood - it’s part of RightNow’s vision for discipleship.)

Learn more about Right Now Media in the video below and CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP.